We collect and dispose of environmentally contaminated soils caused by major truck wrecks.

Burch's Towing & Recovery is equipped to contain environmental contamination at wreck scenes to keep it from needlessly spreading. After containment, we have the necessary equipment to collect the contaminants themselves and then dig up, haul away, and properly dispose of any exposed soil.

Burch's Towing and Recovery has handled hundreds of big truck wrecks over the past 20+ years and we have seen first-hand that - sometimes due to hazardous cargo and always due to the high oil and fuel capacity of 18 wheelers - each wreck has the potential to be an environmental hazard. Because of this, oil/fuel and hazardous chemical spill cleanup services is a natural extension of our core wrecker service.

We are one of the few services in the Chesterfield and Marlboro county area that is on the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control's (DHEC's) list that is equipped to handle post-wreck environmental cleanup. We have a solid reputation for fast, friendly, and professional service. And - because we are Wreckmaster Certified - you can be assured that we keep up to date with all the latest regulations, techniques, and best practices as they apply to Incident Managment at accident scenes.

We have the following environmental cleanup equipment at our immediate disposal:

Off road recovery machinesCrash truck equipped with air bags and other recovery tools
Forklift, backhoe, and bobcat Crash truck equipped for chemical spills